Below is the list of camps open to our skiers for the 2018-19 season. Please use this page to reserve your spot for the camps you wish to attend. Camps are typically priced based on the number of attendees, and therefore will vary. However, we strive to keep pricing as reasonable as possible, and we make sure all camps are cost-neutral.



Silver Star

When: November 21-25
Where: Silver Star, BC
Lodging: Panorama Inn
Cost: Typically $450-$550
Registration Closes: October 31

Every year over Thanksgiving we head up to Silver Star as a team for four fun and packed days of skiing. We stay as a team in a house. The cost covers Food, Lodging, Gas, and Ski passes, and may fluctuate depending on costs incurred and numbers.



Methow Winter

When: December 27-30
Where: Winthrop, WA
Lodging: On Your Own
Cost: N/A
Registration Closes: December 23




When: July 13-16
Where: Whitepass, WA
Lodging: Whitepass Inn
Cost: TBD
Registration Closes: CLOSED



Plain Valley

When: August 2-3
Where: Plain Valley, WA
Lodging: Plain Valley, camping
Cost: TBD
Registration Closes: July 26

Join us as we team up with Plain Valley and Ellensburg for a couple of wild days of activity. Geared towards all abilities, this camp features a great roller ski and a beautiful hike.

All teams will camp over night!




When: August 15-19
Where: Wintrop, WA
Lodging: Pearrygin Lake Campground
Cost: $185 before August 6, $210 starting August 6
Registration Closes: August 12 at 5:00 PM PST