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OUR MISSION: To Create a Community Supported Cross-Country Ski Program for Seattle Area Youth

Momentum Northwest believes that what we teach to the youth of the Seattle area goes beyond simply learning to ski. Taking athletes into the out-of-doors and into the mountains in all seasons, we are introducing to them the ethics of individual accountability, lifelong health, and a balance of sport and nature, which few other pursuits can provide.



  • Personal Growth: Cross-country skiing provides opportunities for young athletes to meet challenges and discover the methods to succeed with determination and skill.

  • Leadership/Mentoring: Coaches are dedicated to helping young athletes take ownership of their choices in the sport of skiing and encourage high behavior standards.  

  • Team Building: Young skiers best grow in personal responsibility and self-worth in a supportive team environment based on mutual respect and shared experiences.

  • Community Building: A supportive environment based on shared goals and challenges connects individuals, forges friendships, and provides opportunities for athletes, coaches, volunteers, and parents to grow cross-country skiing in the Seattle area. 

  • Commitment to Excellence: Goal setting, accountability, and training protocols work only when an athlete uses body, mind, and spirit to their individual best abilities.

  • Fun: Friends, nature, training, learning, racing, hot chocolate and good wax; what’s not to like?


Momentum Northwest is a 501(c)(3)             tax id 46-5461705