SUMMER TRAINING - Fitter, Faster, Stronger! 

2017 Summer Schedule coming soon......

Athletes from all sports know: gains and improvements are made in the off-season. Cross-country skiing is no exception, and as such Momentum Northwest offers a rich schedule of summer training, open to athletes from all sports. Athletes from other sports will benefit from the agility and endurance training based on the principles of cross-country ski training.  Momentum offers long adventurous days in the mountains balanced with speed and technique work closer to the city. This provides developing athletes participating in most sports, the low-intensity hours that build the fitness base for the entire year of sport. Summer in the Seattle area offers excellent weather and quick access to the surrounding mountains. 

What to bring everyday: 

    Heart Rate Monitor (with watch)

    Water Belt & full water bottle for after

    Bounding Poles with rollerski tips 

    Food for hike & food for after

    Spare clothes always

    Shell for hike, hat, glasses

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What is roller skiing? 

Roller skiing is a simulated form of cross-country skiing which utilizes short wheeled shafts and poles, allowing you to "ski" in either classic or skate technique, on pavement. It's not a direct replica of skiing but it serves a crucial purpose in keeping athletes connected with the feel and movements of ski technique outside of the winter. Skiers are challenged in that our "on-season" is quite often shorter than the time in between, so we have to get creative with ways to keep our bodies connected to the sport in the dry months. 

Roller skiing is a great fitness tool, whether you're a seasoned ski racer or a newcomer. It is a low-impact and full-body workout, and provides good coordination training which can translate to a number of different sports. Ultimately, it is one piece of a larger training puzzle which can help develop strong skiers and other athletes in their off-season preparations.

We have a fleet of roller skis available for new participants to utilize, so there is no need to immediately go out and purchase this equipment on your own. Athletes will need to provide their own boots and helmet, but we'll be there to help you in sourcing these elements.

Summer Program Registration

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  3. Download and read the Team Handbook (click for link)
  4. Upon receipt of your registration, we will invoice you according to the payment method of your choice