Races and Results

Want to learn more about upcoming races? Want to see how you did? You're in the right place!


JNQ #1, Mount bachelor, December 15-16


Washington Cup #1, Winthrop rodeo, December 29


WNC #2, Leavenworth skirennen, January 6


JNQ #2, Soldiers Hollow, Utah, January 16-20

Because of the resources required to attend this race, participation will be limited by coaches’ discretion. Full details TBD.


JNQ #3 Methow Valley, February 2-3


WNC #3, Kongsberger Stampede, Cabin Creek, February 9


Hans’ Big Adventure, winthrop, february 10


JNq #4, spokane, february 17-18


wnc #4, Plain valley, february 23


WNC championships, cabin creek, march 2