Fall Program 2019

Program Dates - September 3 to november 1 - 8 weeks

Fall is the best time to prepare for Winter. For those who have been putting in the hours over the Summer, Fall is when you can really build on the progress of the previous months. For those who have been involved in other activities, Fall offers a great opportunity to get your ski legs back up and running!

Our season consists of lots of great hikes into the mountains we live so close to, with biking, fun and challenging runs, and roller skiing. If we're lucky, our last few practices before Winter might even be on snow!

Want to join? Please register, read and sign our Code of Conduct and Waivers, and print out our Gear List using the buttons at the bottom of this page.



Momentum Groups

Our training groups are formed to bring together kids of similar ages and abilities, but final placement is based on individual needs of the athletes and coaches' discretion.
Both groups will train in the same locations. Fees are made to be as reasonable as possible while allowing sustainable programming. Unsure of what group is right for you? Contact Zach.




We build base endurance and strength following a Periodized Training Schedule. Final placement depends on athletes' needs and coaches' discretion. In order to ensure skiers' goals and to follow a Long-Term Development plan appropriately, it is recommended that participants of this group attend all 8 weeks, and 80%+ attendance is advised. The Gear List is at the bottom of this page.

  • Tue-Wed-Thu 4:15pm-6:15pm

  • Saturdays and Sundays 8am-2pm

  • Fee: $1,500


In this group, kids work on the fundamentals of athletic development, while having fun
outdoors. Activities include roller skiing, biking, running, hiking, and more! In order to get the most out of this program and to keep the general safety of participants, we strongly recommend that kids attend all practices. Those who don't attend enough practices may find themselves overwhelmed as the season progresses. The Gear List is at the bottom of this page.

  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays 4:15pm-6:15pm

  • Saturdays and Sundays 8am-2pm

  • Fee: $1,320


AGES 11-13


Devo-Lite is designed for young skiers who are moving up from Mavericks, as well as skiers who are just entering the game. This program will prepare participants for our Devo Group by giving skiers more time on snow and introducing training elements in fun and diverse ways.

  • Tuesdays 4:15pm-6:15pm

  • Saturdays 8am-1:30pm

  • Fee: $300




Typically our meeting locations are the Mercer Island Park and Ride (MIPR) and the Montlake Community Center, though locations may be changed or added as needed. From these locations we venture out into the wilds surrounding Seattle.  

There are many established carpools that can help you get to the Mercer Island Park and Ride. Please let us know if you need assistance getting there.


We travel the roads, mountains, and trails surrounding Seattle, including: The Issaquah Alps, PCT, Preston, North Bend, Fall City, Mt Rainier, San Juan Islands, The Methow Valley, and many more! Click on the “MAP PAGE” button below to see a selection of practice locations.

Typical Weekly schedule 

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Group Comp Comp Comp Comp Comp
Devo Devo Devo Devo
DevoLite Devo Lite
Meeting Time 7:30 AM 4:15 PM 4:15 PM 4:15 PM 7:30 AM
Pickup Time 2:00 PM 6:15 PM 6:15 PM 6:15 PM 2:00 PM
Meeting Place MIPR Montlake Montlake MIPR MIPR



US Ski and Snowboard is the governing body for Skiing in the United States. As a US Ski and Snowboard (USS) Club all of our participants need to be at least USS General Members.

If you are planning on racing Junior National Qualifiers this year you will need to register as a USS member for your age group.




We use TeamSnap for communicating our Practice Schedules, Race Schedule, scheduling updates, attendance, team messaging, and much more. By registering for our programming you are automatically invited to the respective team.While you can interact with TeamSnap via your computer and Email, we highly recommend you download the App to avoid missing any important notifications.


silver Star thanksgiving camp

Every year around Thanksgiving Momentum Northwest travels up to Silver Star, BC, for our first taste of on-snow skiing for the year. The Silver Star Camp is a training camp for the older skiers, and a fantastic experience for all. We go for long, smooth skis mornings and afternoons, as a group as well as with the myriad of other teams from the Pacific Northwest and Canada.

Who is this for? Everyone! While only skiers over the age of 12 are allowed to stay with the team, Maverick families are strongly encouraged to join in. In addition to great skiing and time on snow, the highlight of camp every year is when families and the whole team get together for Thanksgiving dinner

-Long Camp Sunday, November 25th to Sunday, December 1st.
-Standard Camp Wednesday, November 28th to Sunday, December 1st.

For more information, click on the button below.



camps and races

Want to know when and where the next races and camps will be? Click on the downloadable link below! It’ll give you all the info from September through March of 2020.



Fall Programming
from 300.00

This is where you register for Fall Comp, Devo, and DevoLite Team Programming. For more information go to our Fall Program Page.

Program Dates:
September 3 - November 1

US Ski and Snowboard Registration
We require all participants to be registered with at least a General membership with US Ski and Snowboard (USS). You will be asked for your USS ID# during the registration process. If you do not have a membership with USS you can get one HERE.

Codes of Conduct and Waiver
You must read the Codes of Conduct and sign the waiver before finishing the registration process. Codes of Conduct and Waiver can be found HERE.

Comp and Devo families have the option of paying in full now or to pay half now and be invoiced for the other half midway through the season. Prices will increase for signups after August 31st.

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