Fall Program 2018 (MORE INFO TO COME!)

Program Dates - September 3 to november 4 - 8 weeks

Fall is the best time to prepare for Winter. For those who have been putting in the hours over the Summer, Fall is when you can really build on the progress of the previous months. For those who have been involved in other activities, Fall offers a great opportunity to get your ski legs back up and running!

Our season consists of lots of great hikes into the mountains we live so close to, with biking, fun and challenging runs, and roller skiing. If we're lucky, our last few practices before Winter might even be on snow!

Momentum Groups

Our training groups are formed to bring together kids of similar ages and abilities, but
final placement is based on individual needs of the athletes and coaches' discretion.
Both groups will train in the same locations. Fees are based on costs of coaching, transportation, and program development, and are made to be as reasonable as possible while allowing sustainable programming. Unsure of what group is right for you? Contact Zach.




We build base endurance and strength following a Periodized Training Schedule. Final placement depends on athletes' needs and coaches' discretion. In order to ensure skiers' goals and to follow a Long-Term Development plan appropriately, it is recommended that participants of this group attend all 8 weeks, and 80%+ attendance is advised. The Gear List is at the bottom of this page.

  • Tue-Wed-Thu 4pm-6pm
  • Saturdays and Sundays 8am-2pm
  • Fee: $1,100 for the 8 weeks


In this group, kids work on the fundamentals of athletic development, while having fun
outdoors. Activities include roller skiing, biking, running, hiking, and more! In order to get the most out of this program and to keep the general safety of participants, we strongly recommend that kids attend all practices. Those who don't attend enough practices may find themselves overwhelmed as the season progresses. The Gear List is at the bottom of this page.

  • Wednesdays 4pm-6pm
  • Saturdays and Sundays 8am-2pm
  • Fee: $900 for the 8 weeks



Typically, our meeting location is the Mercer Island Park and Ride, though locations may be changed or added as needed. From these locations, we venture out into the wilds surrounding Seattle. There are many established carpools that can help you get to the Mercer Island Park and Ride. Please let us know if you need assistance getting there.

Wednesdays we meet at Montlake Community Center. From there we have access to ton of great areas, such as the Arboretum and UW trails.


We travel the roads, mountains, and trails surrounding Seattle, including: The Issaquah Alps, PCT, Preston, North Bend, Fall City, Mt Rainier, San Juan Islands, The Methow Valley, and many more! Click on the button below to see a selection of practice locations.